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It all started with Sass

3 Jul

UM Graduation, May 2009.

It all started with a little white kitty named Sassy. Well, actually, her original name was Nano. You see, in winter of 1992 my family and I were making our rounds (visiting relatives) when we were introduced to Sassy at my uncles house. I am Arabic, so visiting family once in a while is mandatory, and usually the visits include three or four stops–which is insanely boring for an eight year old, a five year old and a four year old. My two sisters and I were tired of sitting through various sessions of small talk while our parents sipped coffee and engaged in what seemed like never-ending discussions.

When we arrived at my uncles and discovered that since our last visit he had adopted a kitten, we were thrilled! My parents are very compassionate people, and my sisters and I picked that up from them..we are all complete animal lovers. In fact, my dads entire side of the family (the Husseins) are known to be cat people. But this little girl was special. I remember her going wild over a red santa hat that one of us had been wearing..We dragged the hat around and she chased the white ball at the end. She was so curious and excited, and more beautiful than any other cat I’d ever seen.

We refused to leave my uncles house when it was time to go. We wanted to stay and play with the cat! To help our parents out, my uncle (Umo Bo’Nimer) said that if we went visiting with our parents, we could keep the cat. Naturally we agreed, and left to finish our rounds so that we could come back to pick up Nano (aka Sassy)  later. We came back to get her that night, not realizing that this little kitty would change the next 18 years of our lives.